ABOUT Worden Eldercare Consulting, LLC

There are so many issues that arise for aging individuals and their families. Knowing where to begin can be overwhelming...

What can you do to prevent falls? When are home care services needed? Assisted Living? Long Term Care? How do you select the right agency of facility? How is it paid for?

Memory loss, poor appetite, loss of interest in activities……

How can dad's driving be assessed?

How can I be a successful advocate and ensure appropriate and quality health care services are delivered?

How can I manage mom' needs from miles away?

A Geriatric Care Manager from Worden Eldercare can help.


What Is A Geriatric Care Manager?

A Geriatric Care Manager is a specialist who can help families care for older relatives while encouraging as much independence as possible. We don't provide physical care, but guide families through the initial process of assessing needs and developing long term solutions. We are aware of the range of choices available to frail seniors and are recommend options, make referrals and ensure quality, cost effective services are put in place to meet current and ongoing needs.


Worden Eldercare Consulting was established in 2003 to provide elderly and their families' quality, personalized care From health insurance issues, housing, legal and financial concerns it is easy for individuals and families to get overwhelmed. We work one on one to assist families manage the complexities of the caring for an elderly parent or spouse providing them with peace of mind and often freeing them up to spend more quality time with loved ones.